Lighting Control.

Lighting Control.



A lighting control system consists of a device that controls electric lighting and devices, alone or as a part of a harvesting system, for a public, commercial or residential property. Lighting control systems can be used for interior working, aesthetic and security illumination or exterior and landscape lighting. The systems we design are capable of controlling a single light or an entire home lighting scene based on client’s needs.
In today’s market we all find ourselves searching for better ways to provide energy efficient solutions for the use of electricity. Lighting control has proven to be one of the best and cost effective methods of achieving this goal. Simple crossover of standard light switches to dimmable devices is a great way to start with energy management. Our Lutron & HAI lighting control options also give us convenience with controlling these devices remotely when we are away from our residence or building locations. These systems are capable of being controlled from phone apps, tablets or PC and Mac based systems so that in most cases usually within arm’s reach of access to your lighting.


Lutron Radio Ra 2 is our most common wireless total lighting control system that provides convenient and intuitive control of lights, shades, appliances, and temperature in a single room or throughout a whole home. It installs quickly, and operates reliably thanks to Clear Connect RF Technology. With Radio RA2 you can choose from a variety of wireless components to customize a system that fits into any space. With Radio RA 2 you can simply add components at any time to grow the system from a single room to a whole home-scale from 2 to 200 devices. This system also works directly with Sivoia QS Wireless shades and drapes, GRAFIK Eye QA Wireless, and Radio Power Saver occupancy/vacancy sensors. Clear Connect RF Technology ensures ultra reliable wireless communication between Radio RA2 & Sivoia QS components.


Caseta Wireless is also another Lutron product line we design with providing the same effect of lighting and HVAC control without the need of a robust system such as those designed for much larger residential or device applications. We as well as our clients who use the Caseta line are more than pleased with their ease of use and control. This cost effective and budget friendly solution is one that we all appreciate and yet still has the functionality of a large platform lighting control system.

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