Conference Rooms.

Conference Rooms.


 Conference rooms and their technology are a crucial part of corporate and business meeting environments. We are capable of designing full spectrum automation systems for conference rooms involving live teleconferencing, video conferencing, projection systems, data networking as well as other cutting edge design elements based on client needs. Our focus is providing the best technological experience possible to these rooms so that our clients are able to focus on what they do best.


Display options and video interface in regards to conference rooms can range from LED displays to large scale projection systems. These options are usually configured based on space and client preference. We are able to emulate programs and mirror computer our local source images onto larger displays for a much better visual effect and understanding for everyone that is present. Web and video conferencing are formats are also a great benefit to our clients conference rooms allowing them to have “real time” communication with anyone offsite from their physical location.


Teleconferencing technology is a very common function when dealing with conference rooms allowing everyone to have clear communication with their calls. We design the majority of these systems utilizing BSS and BiAmp components to help create a robust solution for our clients communication needs.

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