Control Systems.

Control Systems.


Control systems are remote devices which allow ease of access and control of all home entertainment equipment. These systems usually start with simply controlling a television, cable, satellite & surround sound receiver or processor. Depending on the client needs, these systems are also capable of integrating lighting, surveillance, security, & HVAC control, ultimately providing a taste of home automation.


These are usually the backbone to full scale automation interface which allows for various devices and sources to be controlled all from one interface versus switching between apps and devices to control things separately. The benefit of utilizing a robust control system is limitless because of the engineering and design that’s involved with these product lines. Our RTI and HAI lines are used in both entry and high end residential and commercial applications as well as marine based yachts & boating environments. These systems are also app based which gives our clients additional options on exhibiting control outside of the manufacturers physical control devices.


Wiring Structure


Wiring and cabling is critical to ensure reliable, quality communication between equipment. We specialize in various types of low voltage cabling for residential and commercial projects. These projects range from home entertainment systems, distributed audio & video, home automation, lighting control, surveillance and security. We also handle cabling for commercial phone and data network systems.


Wiring and cabling infrastructure are a necessity when dealing with new construction and residential or commercial additions. Everything from bandwidth, speed and functionality of system designs is based around how an infrastructure is wired. Our cabling designs are always engineered to the highest standard and designed around our client’s needs and applications. Understanding the development of emerging technology and trends is one of the many things our clients love about our system design. We are a huge proponent of cabling residential and commercial projects for future applications thus removing additional cost from retrofit installations.



  • Category 5, 6, 7
  • RS232 / RG59 / RG6
  • HDMI & RGB
  • Security Cabling
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Fiber Optic Cabling
  • Multi-Media Cabling

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